Pit bull in Copper mauling to be destroyed


Bear, a pit bull that mauled a Copperopolis woman in April, will be euthanized, a judge ordered Thursday.

Bear’s owner, Karen Harrison-Sedra, has until Thursday, June 12, to file an appeal. If there is no appeal, then the dog could be put down by Friday.

Meanwhile, officials with Calaveras County Animal Services are worried that other dogs Harrison-Sedra owns may still pose a threat to neighbors near Harrison-Sedra’s residence on Signal Hill Trail near Arrowhead Street. Animal Services Officer Mike Gillespie said during Thursday’s hearing in Calaveras Superior Court that dogs Harrison-Sedra owns had been declared “potentially dangerous” in early 2013 in Mariposa County.

Gillespie said that since then, Harrison-Sedra has moved – first to Tuolumne County and then to Calaveras County. Neither time did she comply with a court order that she notify animal control authorities of the new location of the potentially dangerous dogs, Gillespie said.

When asked by Judge Hugh Swift Thursday, Harrison-Sedra admitted that she had not notified authorities when she and her dogs moved.

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