Town Hall Live: Dangerous dogs


Maya Johnson, owner of Martini, 13-pound Lhasa apso, designated a dangerous dog after recent biting incident at Publix. She is appealing the designation.

“My dog does not fit the description of a dangerous dog.”

He’s a well-adjusted, sweet dog. Martini will never go to Publix again.

“You don’t have proper information to deem Martini a dangerous dog.”

Lt. Ann-Marie Taylor, Palm Beach Police, defines what creates a dangerous dog.

Martini did bite on multiple occasions and bites are unprovoked.

The latest incident was May 11 at Publix.

Video reveals “aggressive” bite. Johnson denied bite, though video reveals that she was aware of the bite.

On May 2, Martini bit another bagger at Publix. Video shown.

Johnson told police that Martini was a trained service dog. Johnson said that this was the only biting incident.

On April 28, 2013, a resident in same Worth Avenue condominium building where Johnson and Martini live reports that her dog, Andre, was bitten on the stomach by Martini and also bit her on the arm. Vet bills totaled $400.

Same woman also was bitten on right ankle on April 5, 2013.

If appeal denied: Animal must be kept inside, muzzled. Owner must carry liability insurance. Must be spayed or neutered. Not asking to euthanize this dog.

Taylor calls Martini aggressive, unpredictable dog. Calls Johnson an irresponsible owner. Martini meets criteria of dangerous dog designation.

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