ACS says dangerous pet investigations are on the rise


A San Antonio boy’s first week of summer turned tragic, after Animal Care investigators said his neighbor’s pit bull attacked him and wouldn’t let go.

“It was scary. I didn’t care if I got bit, but at least I was able to take him off,” said Christian Morales, who lives two-doors down from where the mauling took place.

Morales said it took all his strength to pry a pit bull’s jaws from his 5-year old neighbor.

Investigators say the boy was playing in the Alazan-Apache Courts’ shared yard when he was attacked under a clothesline by a dog which another resident had tied up there.

“There was blood all over the face. He got bit right here, maybe had a gash here. I was too late. I wish I had come earlier,” said Morales.

The dog’s owner was cited for a dog bite, not having a city pet license, and for no rabies vaccination.

But the child had to be hospitalized, and ACS authorities said bites and gashes to the child’s face, buttocks and chest have this case going to the District Attorney’s office for review.

“I think what probably fuels it the most is just irresponsible ownership,” said ACS Field Ops Manager Shannon Sims.

An I-Team review of records shows that dangerous dog investigations in San Antonio have nearly doubled in the last three years.

In 2012, Animal Care Services reviewed 35 cases.The numbers jumped to 42 in 2013. And ACS investigators have been busy with 60 cases already in 2014, including this latest one.

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