Dog deemed dangerous

Dawson Creek City Council has voted to deem a year-and-a-half old German Shepherd in Dawson Creek as ‘vicious.’

The move went to a hearing on Monday’s meeting. The discussion came after the dog, Rev, attacked two small children who lived next door – a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old – last May.

According to animal control officer Aaron Avey, the two children were walking from school when the bite occurred. When he arrived to confront the dog, the animal “was growling and snarling and actually charged at me.”

Avey said he was forced to call in backup. (According to a letter given to council, the dog’s owners were contacted, but they were in Grande Prairie at the time.)

“I deal with dogs on a daily basis, and I would say that this is definitely the most aggressive dog I have ever encountered,” he told council.

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