Animal issues debated, tabled in Amherst

A provision against maliciously and willfully killing an animal does not apply to a resident who sees a dog threatening a child.

“I don’t want anyone to be prevented from defending themselves, their family or their property from an animal that is posing a threat,” Pecora said. “If I’m on my own property and there is a dog threatening my child, I don’t care whose feelings it hurts, I’m going to kill the dog. Self-defense is self-defense, right?”

Councilwoman Jennifer Wasilk agreed, saying not too many years ago a vicious dog on Cleveland Avenue attacked people and other animals.

“People were afraid they were going to be killed by this dog,” Wasilk said. “I don’t want to discourage people from protecting themselves.”

She asked for clarification of vague words such as “sanitary” rather than relying on personal interpretation.

via Animal issues debated, tabled in Amherst.


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