Roswell Mayor threatened after dog adoption ban | KRQE News 13

Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh is getting death threats for banning state rescue groups from adopting from the local shelter.

Monday, Kintigh lifted that ban and formed an agreement allowing groups to adopt again, but now that policy is under fire too.

The new agreement says rescues can adopt from Roswell’s animal control facility as long as they have proof they’re a non-profit, agree to treat the pets humanely and agree to inspections.

Kintigh says he thought the policy changes had calmed the situation, but Tuesday disturbing voicemails flooded his office.

Some of the messages were so threatening officials had to call police.

via Roswell Mayor threatened after dog adoption ban | KRQE News 13.


One thought on “Roswell Mayor threatened after dog adoption ban | KRQE News 13”

  1. I wonder why this site did not post about the 32 (Pit bull and non-pit bull) dogs that Roswell Monday claimed were not killed outright because of the ban and then Wednesday had to retract saying “We killed a few – but we don’t know how many”……….

    Now, Jay………. As to your comment………… “They are criminals”

    * I am 21 years retired military where I served as a EOD team leader.
    *I am a former Secret service member (Presidential EOD support).
    *I am rated 90% disabled via the US military as a result of injuries sustained while in the line of duty.
    *I have had a CCW and carried for 20+ years consecutively.
    *I have held a SSBI 20+ year back ground investigation for over 25 years.
    *I own a firearms manufacturing facility that is certified by the BATF and IRS.
    *I also run a K9 rescue (As a result of the help my serivce K9 has brought to me) that is a Colorado non-profit and currently awaiting aproval on 501.c.3 status from the IRS AND I have a soft spot for pitbulls as I grew up with them as a child and I wasn’t mauled (Though one did chase a burglar out of our house after he pulled a knife on my dad)

    Needless to say (But I will spell it out for you just in case) – I’ve never been arrested and never run a foul of the law other than 2 traffic tickets in my life………. For all practical purposes “I’m just about as clean as they come”……….

    Perhaps you can “explain” to me why folks like me are classified (by you) as criminals?

    Ohhh, that’s right – you feel Pits and guns are BAD, so that makes people like me BAD BAD people… Right? Did I win a prize?

    Enjoy the freedom of speech – Many people have given that right to you by loosing life and limb, enjoy it!

    Mean while I’ll continue doing rescue runs out of Roswell to Colorado to save dogs, ALL dogs….. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of hating folks like me as I do watching the odometer click off freedom miles. And heaven help you if you ever need someone from my class to help you out of a jamb, I certainly wouldn’t drive the 6 or 700 miles to help someone who felt I was a criminal for doing what I think is the right thing to do……


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