Police ban pit pull that attacked Wausau woman – WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports

The Wausau police chief has banned the pit bull that attacked a woman and killed her small dog.

Using the city’s dangerous animal ordinance, Police Chief Jeff Hardel signed papers designating the dog as “prohibited dangerous.” The classification means the dog could no longer live in Wausau’s city limits.

“This is done for the public’s safety. That dog attacked a woman and then killed the woman’s little dog. We cannot have this kind of a dog in that neighborhood, ” Hardel said.

The female pit bull attacked a 56-year-old woman as she walked her Chihuahua near downtown Wausau late last Thursday afternoon. The woman suffered bite wounds to her arm and four stitches were needed repair a wound to her ear, she said.

The pit bull is being held under quarantine at the Marathon County Humane Society in Wausau. The police chief says the owner has five days to appeal the decision.

Hardel says he has classified only two dogs as prohibited under the relatively new law. He says it is much more common to see the use of the ordinance to have them designated as dangerous.

“This requires that they are leashed, muzzled or kept in a special fenced area and we have done that about 20 times in 2014,” said Hardel.

Newsline 9 talked with the woman who was attacked.

She said she feared for her life and is extremely upset about the loss her dog.

via Police ban pit pull that attacked Wausau woman – WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports.


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