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A loose pitbull attacked a child at a burbank park today. Despite deputies rushing to the scene, the dog was given back to its owners while the child went to the ER. We looked into the rules on dangerous dogs to see if your family could be at risk.

Asher Magnuson didn’t expect his biggest hazard was a dog when he planned a fishing trip with his family.

“The dog just came over and sniffed my cousin, Josh, and bit me,”said

Asher Magnuson.

Asher’s father says it all happened so fast right after they arrived at Cargill Pond in Burbank.

“Grabbed our fishing poles walked 15 feet from the vehicle and that’s when the dog ran up and bit my son,” said Erik Magnuson.

They hadn’t even set their fishing gear down.

“15 to 20 seconds, it happened that fast,” said Erik Magnuson.

The dog had been running loose with its owners who were visiting from Spokane.

“I ended up drawing my firearm, because I have a a firearm with me and the dog ran off and I yelled at the people get your dog on the leash. When I told these people, that the sheriff’s department was on the way, they got in their vehicle and got in their vehicle and took off with a high rate of speed,”said Erik Magnuson.

Walla Walla County Deputies caught up with the couple on the highway. They were only issued an infraction because dog bites aren’t a criminal case in that jurisdiction. There was no additional ticket for fleeing the scene.The couple was also allowed to leave with their dog.

It’s up to them to report any signs of aggression in their own pet. Not much comfort for a father of an eight-year old who ended up in the ER with puncture wounds.

“People who are going to take their animal and run away from this type of thing, what are the chances of them following up letting us know, that’s concerning to me for my son,”Erik Magnuson.

Doctors say it’s likely Asher will have a permanent scar.

“He bit me for no reason, all I was doing was holding my fishing pole,”said Asher Magnuson.

The rules on dangerous dogs vary county to county. Based on the way this was handled in Walla Walla, we wondered if the rules were the same in Benton and Franklin Counties. Deputies in Benton said it was likely they would have seized the dog. Franklin County says the owners may not have even been given an infraction.

via Loose pit bull attacks child | Top Video | KEPR CBS 19 – News, Weather and Sports – Pasco, WA.

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