German Shepherds injures woman, kills small dog – Las Vegas MyNews3 – KSNV

A vicious attack by two German Shepherds in Red Rock Country Club injures a woman and killed her little dog.

The large dogs weren’t wearing leashes and their owner was nowhere in sight.

Maria Santos said she was walking down the street with her three dogs Saturday when two German Shepherds ran out of a home and one of the dogs attacked Trixie, her 11-year-old Yorkie.

Santos says the German Shepherds knocked her to the ground.

She hit the cement so hard a filling came out of her mouth.

Santos was able to save her Yorkie, named Coco, and her miniature pinscher, Hula.

But one of the German Shepherds pounced on her other Yorkie, Trixie.

She says the dog started violently shaking the tiny pup in front of her.

“I think she thought they were going to play because she’s such a friendly sweet little dog and he grabbed her by the neck here and just started shaking her,” Santos said.” I was able to get my other two dogs, in my control. I tried to pick them both up and the other one was just circling around us, I felt like fish in a barrel.”

Santos said someone inside the home where the dogs came from, yelled out a command. The German shepherds ran home, but by then it was too late.

“I yelled a command, I said drop it. I said release. I said stop and he wouldn’t follow anything I was saying and then i just started screaming at the top of my head, help me! Help me! Help me!,” Santos said. “There are about 10 houses around that little park area around the cul-de-sac on that island and no one came out to help.”

Trixie later died at the animal hospital.

via German Shepherds injures woman, kills small dog – Las Vegas MyNews3 – KSNV.


One thought on “German Shepherds injures woman, kills small dog – Las Vegas MyNews3 – KSNV”

  1. Reblogged this on New York Neighborhood Dogs and commented:
    This horrible tragedy could have been averted had the GSD dogs owner taken every precaution to keep his dogs safely secured. I know people will jump all over me for “breed discrimination” but in my experience the GSD is a breed that absolutely must be kept secure, leashed, or behind escape-proof fences. Not because the GSD is a monster or a bad dog, but because this breed is in my experience one with a high prey drive when it comes to small animals, small pets like cats and dogs, as well as one that is highly protective of its home and people. Don’t ever blame the dog for being the animal he is, blame the human for being clueless and careless. We should all be able to walk our dogs–of all types and sizes–without fear. Keep your dogs leashed.


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