Pit bull attack…Mauled boy’s father accepts compensation, dogs to be euthanized : Kaieteur News

The matter involving 11-year-old Christianburg Primary School pupil, Daquan Gordon, who was mauled by two pit bulls two Saturdays ago, was settled Tuesday, at the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court in Linden.

The owner of the two dogs which mauled the child, causing him to be hospitalised, pleaded with Magistrate Clive Nurse for leniency after promising to have the animals euthanized (killed painlessly).

William Benn, an unemployed man, was making his second court appearance after being charged for having two ferocious dogs unmuzzled.

The court heard that on Saturday June 14, at Christianburg, Wismar, Linden, Benn had two pit bulls in his yard which clawed Daquan Gordon.

The child’s father, Dexter Gordon, decided to settle the matter after Benn agreed to compensate the family $200 000 which would assist in further medical treatment for the child.

Benn was ordered by the Magistrate to immediately pay the $120, 000 which he had in his possession at the time and was given three months to pay the remaining $80,000 or alternatively spend three months in prison.

The child was attacked while on a fishing trip with friends in the Christianburg community.

Reports indicated that the dogs had escaped from their owner’s yard by jumping the fence. They were reportedly roaming the streets before they attacked the boy.

According to the child’s mother, Sabrina, the dogs attacked her son around 10:00 hours on the day in question. Two public-spirited citizens responded to the screams of the young boy and managed to save him. He was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex where he received treatment, and was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital

“When I come here and see my son, I start crying. Is only Monday I bury one of my children and now this one get attacked,” the mother of five said.

“He can’t talk too properly. You can barely hear what he is trying to say. He has been in and out of consciousness for a while,” the mother disclosed.

She told Kaieteur News that the dogs’ owner had not made contact with them at the hospital or offered any regrets over the situation. Sabrina said that it was the boy’s rescuers who reported the matter to the police.

The mother said that the owner had indicated to the police that he wanted to offer compensation, but she was not going to accept any. “I want justice for my son,’ she had emphasized.

via Pit bull attack…Mauled boy’s father accepts compensation, dogs to be euthanized : Kaieteur News.


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