Outrage from supporters as Frankston Council declares it will put down two dogs accused of killing a cat | Perth Now

Outrage from supporters as Frankston Council declares it will put down two dogs accused of killing a cat | Perth Now

FRANKSTON Council’s move to push ahead with plans to euthanase two death row dogs has been greeted with outrage.

Council today said it would euthanse the dogs, Charlie and Sharni, owned by Evan Jeremiejczyk and Shannon Holt, by the end of this week.

In a statement, the council said it would “humanely destroy the dogs” following a review and “based on the risk they pose to the safety of other animals and people”.

Council chief executive Dennis Hovenden said the decision was based on ensuring the safety of residents and their animals — a priority for the council.

“The decision was based on the nature and impact of the attack on the cat last year, and on the risk of further attack on an animal or a person should the dogs be released.

“The mayor and councillors are fully supportive of the decision, saying that they have little tolerance for dogs who are not responsibly managed by their owners.”

Outraged supporters of Mr Jeremiejczyk and Ms Holt have voiced their anger on the council’s Facebook page.

Protesters demonstrated against Frankston Council putting down the two dogs earlier this year.

Debra Talbot wrote: “The people of Victoria request that you intervene and stop your employees from murdering two dogs that have been wrongly accused of killing a cat.

“No witnesses … you cannot kill on assumptions.”

Jessie Cran added: “Why on earth is your council so hellbent on killing two dogs which pose no risk to the community … what good is having a secure yard for your dogs if your dogs are dead?”

Cindy Battles posted photographs of the dogs, adding: “The whole family will never forget what you do … these are not just dogs — don’t you get that? They are part of a family.”

The dogs were impounded after they escaped the couple’s Frankston property on November 8 and killed a cat.

They were due to be put down in March, but Mr Jeremiejczyk and Ms Holt won an 11th-hour reprieve when an anonymous donor provided financial support to help them launch a Supreme Court appeal.

The donor stepped in after Mr Jeremiejczyk and Ms Holt, along with supporters, chanted “save our dogs” during an impassioned demonstration outside Frankston Council offices.

The Supreme Court appeal was subsequently put on hold after the council agreed on a review.

Ms Holt has previously spoken of her devotion to Charlie, a male mastiff cross, and Sharni, a sharpei female cross, and what they mean to her family.

Protesters holding a demonstration against council putting down two dogs owned by Shannon Holt and partner Evan Jeremiejczyk.

“I can’t believe my dogs would viciously kill a cat. I know they would not,’’ she said.

“I feel like I have lost my children … I am at the end of my tether.’’

The 24-year-old mother of two has set up a Facebook group “Please Save My Beloved Dogs’’ outlining her situation.

Ms Holt and Mr Jeremiejczyk pleaded guilty to a range of charges including having a dog at large and dog attack serious injury causing death at the magistrates court in February.

Mayor Darrel Taylor previously told the Leader that the decision to euthanase the dogs had not been taken lightly.

Ms Holt told the Leader earlier this year that she and Mr Jeremiejczyk had already spent $20,000 in pound and legal fees as they fought to save the dogs.

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One thought on “Outrage from supporters as Frankston Council declares it will put down two dogs accused of killing a cat | Perth Now”

  1. If the dogs were truly cared for like family members, then I’d hope they would be properly contained so they don’t get out and get hurt. Or kill any innocent cats minding their own business.


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