Sickening attacks on kids cause mum to ask… Why? | Bundaberg NewsMail

A BUNDABERG mother whose four-year-old son was viciously mauled by a dog has called for swifter action to be taken against dogs that attack after the same dog that injured her son broke another child’s leg just weeks later.

Jasmine McGowan, whose son was attacked in February, yesterday came forward to tell her story after a dog attacked two people on George St on Tuesday.

Mrs McGowan’s son Riley was left with 40 stitches and a fear that may last a lifetime after the brutal attack earlier this year.

“Their dad had a friend staying with them (who had a) a bull mastiff cross great dane, that’s what the council said the dog was, when the dog attacked him from behind, latching onto his head and pushing him to the ground,” Mrs McGowan said

“Their dad picked him and my daughter up (and) wrapped a towel around his head and rushed him to hospital because of the amount of blood.”

Mrs McGowan said when the incident was reported to the council, she was told the dog should be put down, but a delay in the process meant the dog was able to attack another innocent victim before the owners took matters into their own hands and had the animal euthanised.

“I was told that because the owners were protesting that it wasn’t that bad and the kids were stirring the dog up, when all they were doing was running around, and because the dog had no previous record and no-one actually (saw) it happen apart from my daughter, that he would get the dog back and it will be classed as a dangerous dog which involves a lot of rules including the dog being muzzled and not allowed around children,” she said.

“Then we found out three weeks later the dog attacked a six-year-old girl, the owner’s niece, it bit her shoulder and broke her leg.”

Mrs McGowan said the attack had a scarring impact not only her son, but also her daughter who witnessed the event, and the children had only now returned to sleeping in their beds.

When approached by the NewsMail yesterday, the owners of a dog that allegedly attacked two women on Tuesday refused to give details of the whereabouts of their pet.

When asked, the male occupant of the property where the dog was said to be living, said that it was “no one’s business”.

The female occupant said she preferred not to talk or give her side of the story and when asked if the dog was still around, she said “no”.

“I’d rather not have a chat, leave it at what it is,” she said.

A council spokeswoman said investigations were continuing and that it was an offence for a person to obstruct an authorised person if hiding the animal. She said the council was monitoring the premises with assistance from the police.

A police spokesman confirmed officers were assisting the council in getting a retrieval order to find the dog.

via Sickening attacks on kids cause mum to ask… Why? | Bundaberg NewsMail.


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