Update: Child Bitten by Dog

An Omaha man has been cited after investigators said his dog severely attacked an 8-year-old boy across the street.

The Nebraska Humane Society identified the owner as Alonzo Harris, 21, of Omaha.

It happened around 8 p.m. near 38th and Polk Tuesday.

A neighbor, who witnessed the attack, said the young boy was riding his scooter when the dog ran across the street and bit the child in the legs.

“I heard the paramedics say it was a severe bite,” said Jessica Peters, witness. “It wasn’t just a nip, it broke through the skin, blood was streaming down it. We got it bandaged up and gauzed up as quick as we could.”

Neighbors say the boy is paying the price because the dog’s owner didn’t obey the rules.

Jacob Arop, 8, says he was taken by surprise when the dog attacked.

“I didn’t see him coming at all,” he told us Wednesday.

It was just after 8 p.m. when Jacob was riding his scooter on Polk Street and a dog came through an open gate. It bit him five times in the legs. Jacob will likely need plastic surgery and it hurts when he walks.

Neighbor Susan Swertzic said, “I’ve told them dozens of times. This dog is trouble. He’s going to end up killing somebody.”

Neighbors are upset that it took a tragic bite to finally get Judas, Labrador – Shar Pei mix, out of their area.

Investigators said they’ve been to the home 13 times since October but never saw the aggressive and dangerous dog neighbors describe that warranted his removal until Tuesday night.

The Humane Society’s Mark Langan said, “We have no previous bites but we have some calls about this dog running loose in the neighborhood. Just goes to show that nothing good comes from dogs running loose. We get lots of cases from irresponsible dog owners letting their dogs run loose.”

The dog will be monitored at the Humane Society for 10 days to see if it has rabies and will likely be put to sleep.

WOWT 6 News left a note at the house and received a call back from a woman Wednesday afternoon. She said that she feels sorry for the boy but blames him for somehow antagonizing the dog in the past, saying the dog sought him out of a group of children. She said her daughter left the gate open.

via Update: Child Bitten by Dog.


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