Pensioner’s trauma as pet dog Dido is ‘ripped to pieces’ in street by Staffie | Camden New Journal

A PENSIONER in West Hampstead has urged police to act quickly after his small dog’s back was “ripped to pieces” during an attack by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Edward Brooks, 85, was walking along Fairhazel Gardens with his Border Terrier, Dido, when the attack took place on Saturday.

Mr Brooks rushed Dido to a vet, who stitched up the deep wound in her back, and then filed a report with the police.

He says was disappointed that Camden officers have so far seemingly taken little action and appeared unwilling to investigate.

“It’s not just a dog being attacked by another dog,” he said. “It’s showing what that dog is capable of, and it’s a warning of a tragic incident that could occur next.”

Police recorded the incident and said last night (Wednesday) that “enquiries are ongoing”.

Mr Brooks told of how he rushed to rescue his bloodied dog. He said the bull terrier was without a lead and appeared from around the corner before jumping on him, and then tearing into Dido. Mr Brooks says its walker – a man in his 50s – managed to pull the dog away and soon left the scene, leaving Dido bleeding heavily.

“The initial vet bill cost £218 and Dido will need many more appointments,” said Mr Brooks, who has lived in Canfield Gardens since 1970.

“It’ll cost me hundreds, but I don’t mind that because Dido needs it. She had to be put under anaesthetic, and she was left very traumatised. She hasn’t eaten a thing all week because of the stress, and she refuses to walk anywhere near Greencroft Gardens. If the owner hadn’t been very fast, Dido would have been killed.”

He added: “What I’m very worried about is that this dog will attack a small child next, and that could be prevented. People have seen this dog in the area, and it always looks so aggressive that I think it could be rabid. It’s a very serious accident waiting to happen. If the police track the dog down, they could prevent a tragedy. Me and Dido were left injured and shocked, but that could be a baby in a pram next, and then a family will be left with the scars of what could happen.”

A police spokesman said: “On Saturday, 28 June at 09.19 hours, police were alerted to a dog that was injured by another dog in Fairhazel Gardens at around 09.19. Police have spoken to the dog owner and enquiries are ongoing. This was obviously a very upsetting incident and we would like to take the opportunity to remind dog owners of their responsibility to control their pets at all times.”

via Pensioner’s trauma as pet dog Dido is ‘ripped to pieces’ in street by Staffie | Camden New Journal.


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