Popular pooch used in shows at children’s birthday parties, events mauled to death | Local News – WTAE Home

A Westmoreland County woman who works as a clown and uses her dog in her performances says the 15-year-old dog was mauled by a neighbor’s dog Sunday.

Elaine Scalf, also known as Glitter Dot the Clown, said her 4-pound miniature Dachshund, Teeny, was killed while on her leash on her property.

Scalf said she and her husband, Dave, also known as Dapper the Clown, were face painting at Twin Lakes Park when her son called to tell them Teeny had been attacked.

Scalf claimed the neighbor’s larger dog ran into Scalf’s yard and attacked Teeny, eviscerating her, while Teeny was chained to a tree.

“She was disemboweled and too badly damaged to try and operate on her,” Scalf said.

Scalf said this same dog had attacked Teeny twice in the past. Delmont police confirm the previous attacks.

“She lost skin, had puncture wounds, had to have stitches, be on antibiotics. We did press charges and she paid the fine,” Scalf said.

Delmont police said they can’t file any citations against the other dog’s owner since it was a dog-on-dog attack and dogs are considered property.

Delmont contracts animal control cases to Hoffman Kennels. Officers said employees at Hoffman Kennels are licensed to file citations if their investigations deem necessary. Police said they can only get involved and quarantine an animal if it bit a human, has rabies or if they cannot make contact with the dog’s owner.

Scalf said her veterinarian lives up the street and ran down to try to help Teeny, but had to ultimately euthanize the dog at her office because the injuries were too great. Scalf said she just wants an apology from the dog’s owner.

“She’s been in hundreds of shows over the years. Many, many kids in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties are aware of who she is,” Scalf said. “I had her booked in some birthday parties this weekend. What am I supposed to tell people?”

No one answered a knock at the dog owner’s door Monday afternoon.

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One thought on “Popular pooch used in shows at children’s birthday parties, events mauled to death | Local News – WTAE Home”

  1. The legal logic of the Delmont police in refusing to get involved eludes me. If a motorcyclist loses control, runs into someone else’s yard, & fatally injures an animal, that’s a police matter even if it was completely accidental. What differentiates losing control of a dog one is supposed to have under control and losing control of a motorcycle?


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