D.C. woman hospitalized after dog attack – WTOP.com

A 60-year-old woman remained hospitalized Tuesday following five hours of surgery after she was attacked by two dogs on her Northeast D.C. street.

The Washington Humane Society says the dogs’ owner agreed to allow the animals to be euthanized so that they could be tested for rabies.

The dogs were likely a mixed breed, according to the society, which acts as the District’s animal law enforcement agency.

D.C. police had previously described the dogs that attacked Annie Petty as pit bulls and said that their owner has been cited for having unleashed dogs.

“They just had their way with her. She’s missing half of her finger. Both of her arms have chunks out of them, both of her legs have chunks out of each leg,” says Petty’s daughter, Alecia Petty.

Annie Petty and her 9-year-old grandson Calvin Wyatt were on a walk Monday evening when the dogs attacked in the 3900 block of Ames Street NE.

Alecia Petty says the dogs bolted from their yard and went first for her son.

“That’s when they tried to attack him. But she blocked it, ” Petty says of her mother.

Although the boy was unhurt, his mother says he’s been traumatized by the attack.

“He’s still terrified. Ever since it’s happened, he’s just been crying,” Petty says.

Petty says her mom remains in a great deal of pain.

Neighbors says they were frightened by the attack.

“I heard her shrieking very loudly,” says Ashley Ruff, a neighbor. “It really bothered me because she protected her grandson, ” says Ruff, the mother of a 1-year-old. “I’m scared to walk to the store. I’m scared to put my son in the car in the morning, I’m scared for my grandmother.”

The attack remains under investigation by the humane society officers.

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2 thoughts on “D.C. woman hospitalized after dog attack – WTOP.com”

  1. Do you write about any “breed” other than pit bulls? Because after taking the time to read at least a sample of what you’ve written reveals a genuine lack of research and a lopsided view of reality. Pit bulls are not even a recognized breed. They are a collection of breeds. Furthermore there are many dogs that look like what people would describe as pit bulls. That doesn’t mean they ARE “pit bulls”. And how about all the mixed breeds. They might be part pit bull and part boxer, but they are only ever referred to as pit bulls. Finally, you seem to neglect the fact that A N Y breed of any animal is unpredictable, simply because they are animals. This convenient neglect of the facts only further perpetuates your incomplete, uninformed, and lopsided opinion. If you want to claim that pit bulls are so dangerous then do your homework and present the statistics of all the other breeds too. Otherwise you are blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.

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    1. If you took the time to REALLY look at this site, you would find this is a site NOT written by us. We are showing links to news stories. If you have issues with the stories that are being posted by the media you should follow the links and report your grievances to the offending media outlets.

      Secondly, there ARE stories of others breeds and stories where there is no mention of the breed at all.

      Your issues are with the wrong people.


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