Anger over Staffordshire bull terrier which allegedly “ripped apart” a beloved family pet in Newent | Gloucester Citizen

DEVASTATED Jenette Tucker says she fears for the welfare of her nieces after a “vicious and nasty” Staffordshire bull terrier allegedly mauled her cat to death.

The 36-year-old Newent woman said the dog bolted into her Knights Way garden and “ripped apart” 20-year-old Fluffy in broad daylight.

Jenette said her mum Ann, 63, rushed to the defence of the family pet but claims she was forced to flee after the dog turned on her.

She said: “I am devastated, that was my little baby.

“People should be aware of these dogs as they are vicious and nasty – it is disgraceful people allow these dogs out.

“I said to mum; it could have been one of her grandchildren.

“Really, I would like to see that dog put down. Once they have got the taste for blood that sort of dog becomes evil. It could have been one of my nieces.”

Jenette said her sister Belinda and her young daughters often visit her at the home she shares with her mum and brother David, 31.

Fluffy, which was described as having thick brown and ginger fur, was sat in the garden at the time of the attack but Jenette said her other cat Jess would have been in danger had it not been sat on the garage roof.

Jenette said the family contacted the police after the incident at around 3.30pm on Tuesday, July 1, but feels they are “not interested” in the incident.

“I am heartbroken. The Staffie ripped my cat apart and then went for my mum and the police have done nothing,” Jenette said.

“But by the time my mum got to her she was dead. She was 20 years old and had a good life and had nothing wrong with her. She would have lived for years longer, I know she would have,” she added.

Gloucestershire Police said the incident is a civil matter and it is down to the family to decide whether they want to take further action.

The spokesman said: “A pet being wounded or killed by a dog is not generally a police matter. However, action could be taken if a dog was dangerously out of control in a public place.

“A possible recourse for a complainant is to take civil action against the dog owner but this would depend on the circumstances.”

via Anger over Staffordshire bull terrier which allegedly “ripped apart” a beloved family pet in Newent | Gloucester Citizen.


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