Hull pensioner Barbara Garwell bloodied and traumatised after Rottweiler attack on pet terrier Rusty | Hull Daily Mail

A PENSIONER says she wants to meet the man who left her bleeding on the ground after his Rottweiler attacked her dog.

Barbara Garwell, who is in her late 70s, was injured saving her dog Rusty after he was picked up and thrown when the Rottweiler broke its lead.

She was left lying on the ground bleeding, and says the other dod’s owner merely shouted “are you alright?” as he walked away.

Mrs Garwell has spent the past six months having treatment to her hand after she broke one finger in two places and had another torn open.

She says she is now determined to find the man to tell him of the torment she has been through.

Mrs Garwell said she is speaking out after reading of another similar attack and in the hope the man who left her can be found.

“It’s just dreadful,” she said.

“This has put 25 years on me. I’m scared to go out. I have only just started to go back out. I want to meet him face to face and tell him what he has done, the trauma I have been through.

“I want to ask him would he like his mother left on the floor bleeding? Would he like his mother to go through six months of hell and pain?

“As long as I live there will not be a day when I don’t think about this and that he has not been found. The next time it could be a baby on reins.

“How could I let that happen if it could be avoided? I would feel awful guilt if that happened and I had not done everything I could.”

Mrs Garwell was out walking four-year-old terrier Rusty on February 6, at the cut-through in Springhead Lane, off Willerby Road, when the attack happened.

She said: “The dog broke its lead and sank its teeth into Rusty, it picked him up and threw him. I screamed at the man to get him off. He kicked his dog and he finally got him off. He put it back on the lead and hit it three times and shouted to me ‘are you ok?’ I said ‘no, I’m not ok’. There was blood all over and my finger was ripped apart.

“I had cracked my head on the floor and hurt my ribs.

“Another finger was broken in two places.”

Two men who were working in the area saw what happened and dashed across to help Mrs Garwell.

“One took Rusty for me and the other helped me to their van,” she said.

“From being sprightly, I felt 90, all in ten minutes.

“I believe now that Rusty would be dead if I had not clung on to his lead. When I fell to the floor I could hear the crack of my head on the ground but I kept hold of him. I cried buckets then, because I thought he was dead.”

After spending eight hours in accident and emergency

following the attack, she spent a further seven hours in hospital the following day and had an operation on the third day to repair her finger.

Mrs Garwell was unable to do even simple tasks around the house following the attack, with neighbours Joanne and John stepping in to help her.

She has lost the feeling in one of her fingers and is now unable to straighten the one that was broken. She has only just been discharged by Castle Hill, who said there is nothing more they can do.

“It will never go back,” she said.

“When you have neighbours like I do, they are worth their weight in gold. You can’t comprehend just how much they have helped.

“Now I just want to find this man. I really don’t want any harm to come to the dog, I just want it muzzled.”

via Hull pensioner Barbara Garwell bloodied and traumatised after Rottweiler attack on pet terrier Rusty | Hull Daily Mail.


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