5-year-old expected to recover from dog attack – Ellwood City Ledger: Local News

5-year-old expected to recover from dog attack - Ellwood City Ledger: Local News

As unpleasant as hospitals can be, 5-year-old Adrian Osorio didn’t want to leave Children’s Hospital for home Thursday.

Adrian, victim of a dog attack last week near his home, is expected to make a complete recovery, even though his family initially feared that he had permanent injury to his eye and his hand. However, his father, Tomas Osorio, said the child’s emotional scars might take longer to heal.

“At first, he didn’t want to go home because the dog was next door,” Tomas Osorio said.

Adrian was playing outside Tuesday when he went into the neighbor’s yard to play with the dog. Osorio said his son had been with the dog on other occasions, including the previous weekend, so the child had no fear of it.

Osorio said he had only recently allowed his son to play in the yard of their home, along a little-traveled road in North Beaver Township, unattended.

“I told him to stay in the yard,” he said.

A few minutes later, Osorio said he heard his son scream, and ran out of the house to find the boy bleeding profusely from multiple bite wounds to his face.

“I’ll never get it out of my head,” Osorio said. “His lip was split wide open.”

Adrian was in surgery for three hours Wednesday to determine the extent of his injuries. It turned out that the bites missed his eye and, although he had severe damage to his lips and one finger, the child is expected to recover. Doctors will see him again over the next few days on a follow-up basis.

Recovery in an emotional sense might take a little longer, for father, as well as son.

“This isn’t something I’ve ever had to deal with before,” Tomas Osorio said.

Reports from WPXI-TV indicate that the dog has been quarantined in its house pending completion of an investigation by Renee Harding, the county dog warden, and state police.

The state police would not confirm reports that it was investigating the attack and Lawrence County’s dog warden did not return phone calls this week from The Ledger. An attempt to contact the dog’s owner by phone was unsuccessful.

Osorio said he believed the dog has attacked other people and said he thinks it should be destroyed.

“I don’t know what made him trigger like he did,” he said. “I’d recommend putting the dog down.”

via 5-year-old expected to recover from dog attack – Ellwood City Ledger: Local News.


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