Brixham dog owner watched in horror as dachshund was killed in street | Torquay Herald Express

THE disabled owner of a dog savaged while being taken for a walk in Brixham has spoken of the trauma caused by the attack.

Daisy the two-year-old dachshund was killed by another dog in front of Lesley Sampson’s eyes in Great Rea Road.

Wheelchair-bound Lesley, 59, was with her friend when the Staffordshire bull terrier ran from behind and tore into her pet.

“It came out of nowhere and nearly knocked my friend over,” said Lesley.

“People tried to help and at one point a man did manage to get it off by pulling its tail.

“My friend managed to grab Daisy for a moment but the dog jumped up and took it out of her arms again.

“We were shouting but it just kept shaking Daisy in its jaws. It was a really savage attack and I am absolutely traumatised.”

Daisy was eventually freed by an off-duty police officer but she had already lost consciousness.

She was so badly injured that she had to be put to sleep later that day.

“The vets worked on her for two hours but she had a lot of blood on the brain,” said Lesley.

The incident happened at about 2.30pm on Thursday, July 10.

In the aftermath of the attack police thought that both dogs had been off the lead. They later identified the owner of the loose Staffordshire bull terrier. It is thought that it escaped from its garden.

“Daisy was on the lead walking along next to my wheelchair at the time,” said Lesley.

“The other dog didn’t even have a collar on.

“We had been on our way to the Co-op. I would have waited outside with Daisy while my friend, who is also my carer, would have gone inside the shop.

“We don’t usually go that way and after it happened I wondered why we had done so that day.

“Daisy was so sweet and everyone loved her.

“She is a big loss for me and the tragic way in which she died will remain with me for the rest of my life.

“Daisy was my family, so special and will always be precious in my heart.

“I would just like to mention the two lovely schoolboys who came across the road shouting at the Staffordshire bull terrier to ward it off little Daisy, and a kind gentleman who stopped and got out of his vehicle to our aid before the off-duty police-man arrived.

“I have no idea who they were but would like to say thank you for trying to help us and little Daisy.”

via Brixham dog owner watched in horror as dachshund was killed in street | Torquay Herald Express.


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