Boy, 6, attacked by rottweiler in Hull – owner abuses mum and blames children for ‘running past dog’ | Hull Daily Mail

A MOTHER has spoken of the moment her six-year-old son was attacked by a dog in the street.

Alex Cattermole was bitten on the bottom by a rottweiler as he ran along Hull Road in Anlaby with his brother Max.

His mother Lindsay Cattermole was walking a few paces behind her sons when she saw the dog attack.

Alex was left, with a large bruise where the dogs teeth had sunk into his skin.

Police are now trying to find the dog’s owner, who did not leave their details with Miss Cattermole.

She said: “My eldest ran past it and Alex was toddling along behind him. I saw the dog jump up to Alex as he passed him and just grab him with its teeth.

“He was screaming his head off straight away. If Alex had been a bit smaller, it would have got his face or head.

“It was horrible because I could see it but I couldn’t stop it happening.

“He is not normally fazed by dogs at all, but it frightened him.”

Miss Cattermole said, as she was comforting Alex, she received a torrent of abuse from the dog’s owner.

“I was trying to concentrate on sorting him out and she was saying that she couldn’t help me if I didn’t talk to her,” she said.

“I told her I was trying to sort him out and make sure he was all right. He was really screaming. With that, she started walking away and I told her the dog needs a muzzle.

“She started shouting and swearing at me in the street, it was humiliating. She was blaming the boys for running past the dog.

“The last thing she said was that I should have a muzzle on me. She didn’t once apologise or ask if he was OK. She had no consideration for what her dog had done at all.

“She just didn’t care.”

Police are now investigating the attack, which happened outside Sainsbury’s on July 4.

Miss Cattermole said: “She needs to be found so the dog can’t do this to another child. If he was younger or smaller, it would have got his back, his neck or his head.

“It only looked like a young dog, so maybe it was trying to play, but if its owner knows that is what it does, then it should have a muzzle on it.

“You can’t have a dog just biting children in the street.”

The owner is described as a white, middle-aged woman, with black, bobbed hair.

She was wearing a flowery blouse.

PC Andy White, neighbourhood officer for the area, said: “The boy has been bitten as he was just running along the street.

“We believe the owner of the dog is local to the area, so we are hoping someone will know who she is.”

Police are investigating whether the attack on Alex is linked to another incident, also involving the same breed.

In that attack, a rottweiler attacked another dog on land behind Tranby Lane in Kirk Ella last month, leaving it with bite marks on its neck and a cut on its ear.

Anyone with information about the attack on Alex should call the Kirk Ella Police Station on 01482 307213.

via Boy, 6, attacked by rottweiler in Hull – owner abuses mum and blames children for ‘running past dog’ | Hull Daily Mail.


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