Dog killed in home outrages neighborhood

Neighbors in Gardnerville’s Arbor Gardens are up in arms after a dog was killed inside its home.

Douglas County Animal Services Supervisor Janet Duzan confirmed the dog was killed, but said there were no witnesses to the incident.

Residents Darren Loupe and Paola Haubl say something broke into their home through the front screen on June 26 and killed their 12-year-old dachshund, Frank, severely injured a 7-year-old Chihuahua, Annabell, and Pete, a 10-year-old mix terrier.

“Animal Control officers and DCSO arrived,” Haubl said. “Upon entering our home, Animal Control Officers witnessed the brutal crime scene.”

She said that the officers said they believed another dog had entered the home and that dog was a pit bull.

She said that the next day she saw a pit bull and two other dogs attacking a neighbor’s fence to get at the dogs inside.

Haubl said she learned the pit bull’s name from a woman who said it was her brother-in-law’s dog.

“The officer returned and told us they were 99 percent sure Muñeca had broken into our house and killed my beloved Frank and seriously injured Pete and Annabell,” she said. “However, without witnesses, there was no way to positively link Muñeca to my dog’s death and mutilation.”

As of last week, Pete and Annabell are both home and traumatized, Haubl said.

Neighbor Don Titus said that the entire neighborhood has been upset by the incident.

“Our neighborhood is upset with the handling of this incident,” he said in an email. “We believe the entire Carson Valley should know about it, and the responsible pet owner held liable.”


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