Plainville selectmen order problem dog euthanized, but grant 30-day ‘stay’ if owner builds pen – The Sun Chronicle : Local News

A Warren Street dog was declared dangerous by selectmen and ordered euthanized Monday, but the board gave the owner 30 days to save his life by building a pen to contain him.

The board voted 2-0 to “stay” the execution so owner Jean Degutis can build a pen that will prevent the dog named Brewski from getting loose and attacking other dogs.

If the pen with a roof and siding built 2 feet into the ground to prevent escape is erected by Aug. 13, the English bulldog can live, the board decided.

Animal Control officer Melissa Bensen will check to see if the order is complied with.

In the meantime, Brewski must remain muzzled and kept in the house at 44 Warren St.

The action came after the board heard testimony that Brewski got loose and attacked a smaller dog being walked on a lease by owner Rebecca Grzenda.

Selectwoman Andrea Soucy said the smaller dog was bitten so badly he was almost “disemboweled.”

Witnesses said Brewski had the smaller dog, Maggie, pinned down on her back, and defenseless while he bit her stomach.

It took three people to pull Brewski off Maggie.

Maggie required extensive medical attention and stitches, according to the testimony.

“I was amazed and astounded by the amount of blood,” neighbor Sandra Bailey said in written testimony.

This was the fifth incident involving Brewski, whose owner has been cited and fined for not keeping him restrained after he attacked other dogs and tried to get into neighbors’ houses.

Two neighbors said they are afraid to walk by his house.

“The point is we have had five incidents, and they are escalating,” Soucy said in response to testimony that Brewski is actually friendly with most people and dogs.

Soucy said the next attack could result in an animal being killed or a child hurt.

Degutis said it is true Brewski is “guilty of being an unleased dog,” but said he occasionally gets loose by accident. She said she has children and other dogs come to her horse farm and Brewski is friendly and playful with them.

She offered to have him go live with a friend, but Selectman George Southerland said the law does not allow a dangerous dog to move to another town.

He said that would be like pushing Plainville’s problem on another town.

He said he did not take his decision lightly, as one of his dogs once had to be put down for biting a dog, but it is clear Brewski is a danger to the neighborhood.

Selectmen Chairman Rob Rose was unable to attend the meeting because he is still recovering from a serious bicycle accident.

via Plainville selectmen order problem dog euthanized, but grant 30-day ‘stay’ if owner builds pen – The Sun Chronicle : Local News.


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