Dog attack savagery intolerable « Shropshire Star

A 13-week-old puppy was today fighting for its life after being savaged by a pitbull. Its owner was also traumatised by the ferocity of the attack and at one point feared for his own safety.

The incident, however, has a more sinister tone. The puppy’s owner believes the attack was deliberate and follows a number of similar incidents.

Police are investigating and have launched an appeal for witnesses. It is to be hoped they get to the bottom of what happened. They have a duty to keep members of the public safe from attacks and also from the fear of such incidents.

The owner of the pitbull, who didn’t stick to offer either explanation or apology, has a lot of explaining to do.

It is to be hoped such behaviour is nipped in the bud. Such horrific and violent episodes have no place in modern society. They are unjustifiable.

During recent years, there have been too many encounters involving vicious dogs. Young children have been scarred forever as dogs have gone wild.

Before the pitbull – or, for that matter, any other similar dog – gets the chance to commit further damage, a reminder to dog owners of their responsibilities is appropriate.

We are a nation of animal lovers and our pets bring us great joy and comfort. Authorities have made great strides to minimise the likelihood of such attacks occurring and their efforts have been largely successful.

There are, however, a minority of people who do not play by the same rules as the rest of society. They seem hell bent on owning violent animals and basking in the reflected glory that such creatures bring among their hard-knock friends.

They seem oblivious to the upset and damage that their animals cause. Nor do they seem to recognise the baser, animalistic instincts that such creatures harbour. They ignore the fact that such animals are capable of mayhem given the right circumstances.

No doubt detectives will be assisted by members of the public in their search for the owner of the errant dog. But the incident serves to remind others of their wider responsibilities.

There is no place for mad dogs in modern Britain, nor for irresponsible owners. Society has no reason to tolerate medieval savagery in the 21st century.  Children, other animals and the wider community ought to be safe from such harm at all times.

via Star comment: Dog attack savagery intolerable « Shropshire Star.


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