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A 7-year-old boy is recovering from a dog bite, just one day after another girl in the neighborhood was bitten by the same dog.

Now, officials are seeking better laws when it comes to handling dog attacks in LaPorte County.

Rod Staples is the owner of the dog, a one-year-old pit bull named Oliver. Staples got Oliver as a puppy and says he has always been good dog.

But on Saturday night, Oliver bit nine-year-old Patryga in the face while she played in the yard.

A police report shows Patryga was playing when a relative went to enter Staples’ home. When the door opened, Oliver got out.

A witness to the attack told police Oliver was licking the girl at first, but she got scared and began to scream.

According to the police report, that’s when the witness ran over to get in between the girl and the dog, and Oliver bit Patryga.

Patryga was taken to the hospital and needed 11 stitches. Her family says she may need plastic surgery.

On Sunday, police say Oliver bit another child. A police report shows a family member was walking Oliver in the area of Quail Ridge Road where seven-year-old Conner Hicks was playing in his grandparent’s yard.

The boy’s grandfather told police Conner bent down as if to pet Oliver, and the dog bit him  just under his right eye, according to the report.

Conner’s parents say he needed seven stitches.

Police were notified Sunday that Oliver had bit another child the day before, and animal control was contacted.

Right now, LaPorte County law states a dog that bites a person has to be quarantined for 10 days. If that dog is up-to-date on its shots, the animal can remain at home. Otherwise, animal control can take possession of the animal.

Staples provided records to animal control verifying Oliver was up-to-date on all shots, including his rabies.

However, after both parties were interviewed by animal control officers, it was decided that Oliver be taken into custody Monday morning.

Investigators say Oliver was considered a dangerous dog. During their interviews they found he had bitten Staples two weeks prior to the attack. They were also concerned with the attacks being unprovoked.

Director of the LaPorte County Animal Control Jane Bernard says in situations like these, it is important for the owners to take responsibility and extra precautions.

Staples agreed to let the animal control take custody of Oliver and signed off on having the dog euthanized.

Bernard says animal control officials are looking to change the LaPorte County law when it comes to dog attacks and whether certain dogs should be euthanized in certain circumstances.

WSBT’s Denise Bohn spoke with both the owner and the victims and will have a full report tonight on WSBT News at 5 and 6.

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