Family Puts Down Dog Severely Injured in Attack – WBAY

A family will soon bury their dog after it was attacked by another dog at a Town of Menasha park.

Both sides talk about what happened.

Families come to Fritsch Park every single day. But Sunday afternoon, a family witnessed a dog attack so horrific, they say it gave them nightmares.

“I don’t think any of them will ever forget it,” says Linda Jeanty.

Jeanty and her family members were at a reunion when the party was ruined by a dog attack that happened right in front of their eyes.

“Somebody sitting here saw the pit bull coming. And just jumped up and said “Oh my god,'” explained Jeanty.

Town of Menasha police say the pit bull mix, who was not on a leash, but had a shock collar, attacked a smaller dog, a pomeranian.

“The pit bull ran up and grabbed the dog. And just had it up in the air. Shaking it, it was awful,” adds Jeanty.

The pomeranian was in the care of a 7-year-old girl, who had her neighbor’s dog on a chain.

When witnesses were finally able to pry the two apart, the little girl and the injured dog ran to the owner’s house nearby.

“I looked at him and his whole back was, er, fur was off. And I just fell to my knees and I said ‘oh my gosh, what happened to him?'” explains Sandy Arend, owner of the pomeranian.

Rusty, their 13-year-old dog, suffered severe injuries that would have meant thousands of dollars in medical bills and months in the hospital.

“I said we can’t put him through that. I said the best thing was to put him down,” says Arend.

The Arends want an apology and help from the woman, who said she was watching her son’s pit bull mix, to pay for the medical care the dog did receive.

Action 2 News stopped by her house. She did not want to go on camera, but said, with tears in her eyes, she wasn’t able to sleep last night because of what happened, and she planned to visit the Arends later Monday to apologize.

She will pay a $174 fine for not having the dog under control.

In the Town of Menasha, no animals are allowed in parks. Neither were cited for violating this particular ordinance.

Police say one way to prevent an attack is to have the dog on a leash.

via Family Puts Down Dog Severely Injured in Attack – WBAY.


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