Officers investigate Danville dog attack » The Danville News » The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA

Bernie Swank and Red Swank have two different routes they walk their dogs daily.

When they were walking on the 200 block of Water St., a large dog attacked Lex, their white 5-year-old lhasa apso.

Lex suffered bite wounds. Two were kept open in order to drain, said Bernie Swank, Danville’s mayor.

The German shepherd, named Lady, jumped a fence at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Swank said.

At the time, they were also walking Allee, 8, their other lhasa apso, and their grandchildren’s dog.

“I tried to shove the dog from around us, but she came through us,” Bernie said.

Red grabbed Lady’s collar and lifted her up in the air.

By that time, the dog’s owner came out and called the dog with Red telling him to go over and get his dog.

The owner told Red the dog jumped their fence. Red told him he needs to make the fence higher.

The Swanks called Dr. Ken Berg who treated Lex on a day the Animal Care Center wasn’t normally open.

“He’s sore and bruised and on painkillers,” Bernie said.

They also reported the incident to Danville Cpl. Jon Swank who left a message with John Graham, state dog warden who covers Montour and Columbia counties. Graham is on vacation this week with Ken Snyder covering for him.

Snyder returned a call, saying he wasn’t allowed to release any information. He said he would speak to Danville police.

“At this point, I want to see where he goes with this and then we will decide if we will take any kind of action,” Swank said.

Swank isn’t releasing the name of the owner until the investigation is completed.

The officer said he was sure the owner would pay for Lex’s medical expenses.

Meanwhile the Swanks don’t plan to alter their dog walking routes. Their early route involves Ferry, Water and Pine streets and back to their Mill Street home. Their later route takes them in a different direction.

“There are so many people who walk their dogs,” Red said.

“I’m afraid for children walking and strollers,” Bernie said.

via Officers investigate Danville dog attack » The Danville News » The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA.


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