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The Shelbyville Board of Works ordered a dog accused of biting a young boy moved out of the Hendricks Pointe Apartments at Tuesday’s meeting.

Russell Mize could conceivably keep Petey, the American bulldog alleged to have bitten the boy on July 5. But he’d have to move from the apartment complex.

“I’ve heard comments about Petey being territorial,” Mayor Tom DeBaun said. “In talking to others, I believe the case is that Petey is a protective dog. … My concern is that this is not the best environment for Petey.”

DeBaun expressed concern about the number of dogs at Hendricks Pointe in relation to the apartment complex’s greenspace, and that the area where Petey was normally chained up had become his “territory.”

Before the decision, Mize and his supporters told the board that Petey is not vicious.

“I want you to know that my dog didn’t bite that boy,” Mize said. “There’s video of this. He scratched that boy. If any of you have seen my dog, you’ll see he’s not missing any teeth and he’s not a wimp. He’s not sickly by any means. He reached for that boy, that’s how he got scratched. If he had been bit, you would have seen teeth marks, not claw marks.”

DeBaun noted that the board had sought to see the security video from the apartment complex but were unable to contact the property manager.

Mize had previously told the board that he has visual impairment which requires using Petey as a service dog. He said he’s training Petey himself using materials he found on the Internet through the United States Service Dog Registry.

Rita Keller, a friend of Mize’s, said she has a fenced-in yard and would be willing to take in Petey if need be. Mize, though, indicated he would be willing to move if it meant he could keep Petey.

In another dog bite case, the board approved returning a dog to its owner.

The dog, owned by Dean Rush, had got out of a fenced yard and attacked another dog being walked by its owner. The attacked dog was not critically injured, and Rush said he was willing to pay the victim’s veterinary bill, according to animal control officer Jim Lane. Rush was unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting.

via Dog ordered out of Hendricks Pointe – Shelby News: Local News.


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