Loose dog: Only a matter of time before someone is hurt

I am caretaker to my ex so am over at his place every day. Next door is a pit bull that has gone under the fence in back a few times and jumped the fence on the other side. My little dogs drive it crazy when they are out in the yard; it digs at the chain link fence with its teeth and jumps up on the utility box, which almost puts it over the fence.

The only thing that saved the little white dog in back was she stopped running and then the pit bull stopped and realized it was out of its yard. The owner of the pit bull said she was going to build a higher fence but has not done anything about it.

Animal Control said they cannot do anything but if I was worried about my little dogs’ safety I should build a higher fence to keep the pit bull out of my ex’s yard. What is wrong with this picture? Who should be responsible for keeping the pit bull in its own yard? It is only a matter of time till a dog or kid gets hurt by this poor frustrated pit bull.

Fern Roy, Missoula

via Loose dog: Only a matter of time before someone is hurt.


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