Dalton toddler mauled by grandparents’ dog – Huddersfield Examiner

A 14-month-old boy has suffered life changing injuries after his grandparents’ dog mauled his face.

The tot was attacked by the pet – a Staffie type dog – at his grandparent’s home in Dalton on Saturday lunchtime.

Police have seized the dog but no one has been arrested.

The Examiner understands the little boy – named Jensen – has been bitten on the cheek area of his face and has multiple injuries including a fractured jaw, a perforated ear drum and multiple cuts to his back, head and legs.

It is thought Jensen was being looked after by his mum’s boyfriend’s mother when he was set upon in the garden of the home at Thorpe Pyn Croft at about 1pm on Saturday.

Officers are investigating if it is a banned breed.

A source told The Examiner the dog is believed to have bitten people in the area before.

Jensen’s mum, Stephanie Dunk, 20, is said to be “devastated” and spent the night with her son at Leeds General Infirmary following three hours of surgery to fix the poorly tot’s injuries.

“It’s shocking,” said the source, who did not want to be named.

“He’s on the mend but we really don’t know what’s happened to cause this.

“Talking to people on the street the dog has bitten two people before, but that’s only come out after this has happened.”

Detectives believe the dog snapped as temperatures soared to 29ºC (84ºF) – the hottest day of the year so far – and attacked the child while his mum, who lives in Paddock, was at work.

The toddler was taken to Leeds General Infirmary following the attack and was described as “doing well” by police this morning.

But it is thought the nasty injuries will leave the poor youngster permanently disfigured.

Det Insp Andy Parr from Huddersfield CID said: “We’ve launched an investigation and the dog has been seized and is likely to be destroyed.

“We’re conducting inquiries into the type of dog to see if it’s a banned breed or has any kind of DNA from an illegal breed.

“The child is doing well in hospital and is being kept in for observations as there are some medical complications.

“This incident looks likely to not be criminal, it’s more a case of a dog snapping at a young child after getting frustrated in the hot temperatures.

“During the hot weather people must make sure dogs are properly supervised.

“Even when it appears the dog is looked after properly it only takes a moment of madness for something like this to happen.”

via Dalton toddler mauled by grandparents’ dog – Huddersfield Examiner.


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