Kerre McIvor: Time to get tough on owners of attack dogs – Opinion – NZ Herald News

The debate over dangerous dog breeds has been reignited after a pit bull attack on a teenager and the brave police officer who came to the young man’s rescue. I accept the platitudes trotted out by pitty supporters — all dogs bite. It’s bad owners, not bad dogs. Mixed breeds get labelled pit bulls because of media bias. And so on. But pit bulls, or more accurately, pit bull crosses, make up less than 2 per cent of the dog population and are responsible for 18 per cent of attacks that require ACC-funded treatment. And that’s a fact.

It won’t work trying to ban the breed — they’ve been crossed too often and that would only be a catalyst for underground breeders. But it’s time the Government got tough on the mongrels who choose to have dogs simply to have another weapon in their arsenal, who have a dog to intimidate and make a statement, not to love and care for and have as part of the family.

You’ll find these are the dogs that aren’t registered — by far the biggest group of dogs responsible for savage attacks were unregistered dogs. Dog control officers should be focusing their attentions on that group, not those walking their registered, microchipped, dogs off the leash at dog parks. For those who believe pit bull and bull terrier are misunderstood and as loving as any other breed, good luck to you. I hope your loyalty is rewarded.

via Kerre McIvor: Time to get tough on owners of attack dogs – Opinion – NZ Herald News.


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