Vicious dog attack in Bendigo | Bendigo Advertiser

A 44-YEAR-OLD woman says she was brutally attacked by a vicious Rottweiler on Arnold Street in Bendigo on Monday afternoon.

City of Greater Bendigo parking and animal control manager Neville Zimmer said the victim was walking south on Arnold Street, towards Barnard Street, at 6pm.

It is alleged she had a brief conversation with the owner of the dog – a woman – before the animal lunged at her.

He said the dog allegedly grabbed the woman’s right arm and dragged her to the ground.

Mr Zimmer said the the victim had sustained injuries to her right elbow, right knee, sprained her right ankle and a serious injury to her right bicep.

“This is a very serious incident and it is important the owner of the dog comes forward so animal control officers can meet with her and discuss what has happened,” he said.

The dog’s owner is described as approximately 155 to 165 centimetres tall, with blonde or dark blonde hair and was wearing jeans and possibly a checked top.

The dog was described as a Rottweiler, mainly black in colour with tan around the feet and eyes, and with a fabric collar.

Following the alleged attack, the dog and its owner were last seen heading south on Arnold Street, towards the intersection of Barnard Street and Lucan Street.

The victim was admitted to hospital for surgery to her right arm.

City of Greater Bendigo parking and animal control manager Neville Zimmer said the council was taking Monday’s alleged dog attack “very seriously”.

He said the attack was the most severe case the council had registered in the past 12 months.

“It’s a pretty serious dog attack,” he said. “There’s a serious community safety issue here.

“The last thing we want is a repeat, or worse, of an allegedly unprovoked attack.”

Mr Zimmer said the woman who was walking the dog pulled it off the victim then fled the scene.

He said the council would be conducting doorknocks, searching its database of registered dogs and working with police to track the dog’s owner.

He called on the owner to come forward.
“We are really appealing for the owner of the dog to come forward and take responsibility for the actions of the dog,” he said.

“It is irresponsible if you know your dog is antisocial or aggressive. You’re taking a risk to take it out in public.”

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