Pensioner’s heartbreak after dogs killed beloved Yorkshire Terrier « Express & Star

Robert Stanford was helplessly lying just two feet from the animal after being knocked to the ground by the two dogs that killed seven-and-a-half-month old Lilly.

The animals – called Narla and Simba and described as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type and Pit Bull Terrier – struck while he was on his usual walk with Lilly and Ruby, another Yorkshire Terrier from the same litter.

Mr Stanford, who has two artificial knees and was bitten on the hands and arms during the incident, revealed: “She was literally ripped apart before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. I was broken hearted.

“I had to go through a gully and was half way along it when, all of a sudden, this lady appeared with two dogs.

“Her arms were out stretched and they seemed to be pulling her along. As soon as the dogs saw me they reared up and started trying to get at my pets.

“I saw them as a threat to both me and my dogs so I picked up Lilly and Ruby – they only weighed two pounds each – and clutched them to my chest. As I did so I stepped off the walkway and on to the grass verge so they could pass.”

Mr Stanford, from Eastfield Road, Tipton, who was attacked on a walkway linked to nearby Field Road on December 3, continued: “The two animals jumped at me to get at my dogs. I lost my balance, had to let go of Lilly an Ruby so that I could break the fall with my hands and ended up spread eagled on the ground.

“They attacked Lilly first. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier had got her body and the Pit Bull had got her head. They were literally just tearing her to pieces. She didn’t suffer because it happened so quickly. They moved over my head and started attacking Ruby. I was doing what I could to keep them away.

“Then a passer-by grabbed hold of the lead of the dogs and pulled them away. The woman who had been holding them to start with never said a word throughout the incident and left me lying flat on the floor.

“I had difficulty getting up because of my knees. My dogs were covered in blood. I thought they were both dead. I held them to my chest and broke down crying. My hands and arms had been bitten while I tried to shield Ruby.”

Mr Stanford, who lives with wife Eileen, and had been walking dogs in the area for 17 years without incident, added: “A woman with two children stopped and asked me what had happened. Then the Staffordshire Bull Terrier reappeared and made a bee line fro me bearing its teeth. He had the blood of my dogs but the young woman though it was going to attack her children. I turned away and felt the dog jumping up my back but the man who had removed the animals earlier came running down the gully and pulled it off again.

“When I reached home Ruby opened her eyes and I rushed her to the vets. It took her four months to recover and we have now got another Yorkshire Terrier called Minnie as a companion for her.

“I have no views on whether the dogs who did this should be destroyed because I am a dog lover. But I will never forget the experience. I am still frightened to take my dogs for a walk.”

Marlana Stewart, aged 20, from Field Road, Tipton pleaded guilty to two offences of being in charge of a dog that caused injury when dangerously out of control in a public place and admitted a further charge of a fighting dog.

No evidence was presented to Wolverhampton Crown Court and the case was adjourned for pre sentence reports until Friday, when it will be opened in full.

Judge Robin Onions gave her unconditional bail and said she would not be jailed. He also indicated that the two dogs involved would be made the subject of contingent destruction orders. These set conditions under which an animal must be kept and it can be destroyed if the terms are broken. The owner of the dogs has not been prosecuted. He is believed to be her partner.

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