“Schenectady posts dangerous dog cases on city website” by Your Right to Know

In response to concerns about dangerous dogs attacking people and other animals, the city of Schenectady has begun listing incidents of attacks on its website in hopes of warning citizens.

The list is available on the city’s website, http://www.cityofschenectady.com.

Under “Schenectady City Links” (beneath the mayor’s photo), scroll down to “Dog Owner Information.” Click on that, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the listing of incidents. The list covers incidents dating back to February, and includes the date of the incident, the location where the incident took place, the address of the dog and a brief description of the dog(s) involved.

So if you’re walking your dog, or just walking by yourself or with kids, and you’re afraid of a potential attack, you might want to avoid these areas.

This online listing is expected to be just the first among other steps to actively warn residents about dangerous animals in the city.

If you don’t want to visit the site just now, here’s the list of incidents that have been posted as of Tuesday. They will be updated on the city’s website as they’re reported, so check again there regularly.

Date ….. Location of Incident ….. Address of Dog ….. Description of Dog

4/27/2014 ….. 1519 McClellan St ….. 1520 McClellan St ….. White Pitbull (F)

5/13/2014 ….. 101 Degraff St ….. 110 Degraff St ….. Shtzu

5/25/2014 ….. 333 Paige St ….. 335 Germania Ave ….. Bro/ Wh Pitbull (M)

5/27/2014 ….. 1083 Congress St ….. 1083 Congress St ….. Wh/Bro Pitbull (M)


2/7/2014 ….. 355 Furman St ….. 405 Furman St ….. White Pitbull (F)

6/14/2014 ….. 312 Eleventh St ….. 312 Eleventh St ….. Brown Pitbull (F)

6/26/2014….. 1734 Lenox Rd ….. 909 Mason St ….. Bro/ Wh Pitbull (M)

6/30/2014 ….. 1200 Block Dean St ….. 1269 Dean St ….. Pitbull / Mastiff

7/21/2014 ….. 1522 McClellan St ….. 1520 McClellan St ….. White Pitbull (F)

via “Schenectady posts dangerous dog cases on city website” by Your Right to Know.


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