UPDATE: Pit bull attack victim still pursuing ban

The Wausau woman who was attacked by a pit bull in late June while she was trying to save her Chihuahua from it said Wednesday she takes some comfort from a judge’s order that the pit bull be destroyed, but she still isn’t satisfied.

“It’s a sad win,” Cindy Ryder, 56, said. “I feel for (the owner) because I know how it feels to lose an animal, but there were no vaccinations, and she wasn’t taking care of the dog. Like the judge said, there was really no other option.”

The owner of the pit bull, Amanda Williams, was cited June 19 for allowing a dog to run loose, keeping a vicious dog, failing to license the animal and failure to have it vaccinated for rabies. Marathon County Circuit Court Judge Greg Grau on Tuesday ordered that the pit bull be put down as soon as practicable.

Wausau Police Lt. Matt Barnes said the pit bull remained quarantined as of Wednesday afternoon at the Humane Society of Marathon County shelter, and said that the euthanasia could happen as early as Wednesday afternoon or evening. The police department is responsible for scheduling the euthanasia, Barnes said, and for finding a vet clinic in the city to perform the task.

Humane Society Executive Director Mary Kirlin said Williams, the pit bull’s owner, was visiting the dog at the shelter Wednesday afternoon. She declined to let Daily Herald Media photograph the animal.

Ryder was attacked June 19 by the pit bull on the 900 block of Washington Street after the dog charged from its home. Ryder was taken by ambulance to the hospital after she was bitten by the pit bull on her arm, wrist and back of the head while trying to save her Chihuahua, Bartok. The city declared the pit bull “prohibited dangerous” and it was quarantined at the Humane Society of Marathon County.

Ryder said she thinks the current “vicious dog” ban the city of Wausau enforces is not enough to keep citizens safe, and said that she is just beginning work on finding a solution.

“I’m going to start looking for all the information on pit bulls I can find, and maybe find some other people who have been victims,” Ryder said. “I’m also going to look at other cities and what their restrictions are and how the ban is working for them.”

Ryder said she would like to find a solution that is fair, and that she has no problem with responsible owners who have insurance coverage in case of an attack, or who accept the responsibility of owning a pit bull.

According to court documents, Williams, is responsible for the euthanisia costs to the city and county.

This story will be updated.

via UPDATE: Pit bull attack victim still pursuing ban.


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