Dog shot after it tried to attack police officer at Walmart – Seguin Gazette: Alert

A man’s dog was shot after it reportedly tried to attack an officer on Monday night.

The incident began around 9 p.m. when officers were called to Wal-Mart for report of transient trespassers, Seguin Police Sgt. Rusty Suarez said.

“We were advised that the store wanted them to be removed,” he said.

When officers arrived, they identified that one of the subjects had warrants and arrested him, while the other two, along with the dog — a pit-bull mix, were told to leave, Suarez said.

“Shortly after one of the officers that responded came back to the location and observed one of the guys had left the dog outside and was nowhere to be seen,” Suarez said. “So, he went inside the store and saw the guy buying stuff through the self checkout.”

The officer decided to wait for the man outside near his property, Suarez said.

“The guy comes out and the officer advises him that he had already been told once to leave and this was his second warning,” Suarez said.

The subject became confrontational with the officer but eventually began packing up his stuff, Suarez said.

“The guy starts putting up his stuff and the guy unties the dog from the bench or the dog somehow gets loose,” he said.

The officer reported the dog jumped on his owner and ran around him before confronting the officer.

“The dog then looks at the officer and starts snarling at him and when that happened the dog lunged at him,” Suarez said. “That was when he pulled out his duty weapon and shot the dog.”

The officer fell back and once he got up, he realized the dog was not the only one he had coming after him.

“Once the officer got back up, and reholstered his weapon, he noticed the guy was going at him now, disgruntled that his dog got shot,” he said. The officer drew his Tazer out and warned the guy to get back and get down and tried to get the situation under control there. The guy wouldn’t do so, so the officer reholstered his Tazer and had to take the guy down to the ground and secure him in handcuffs.”

Preliminary investigation showed the dog charged at the officer a first time and the officer retreated. It was on the second time the dog charged the officer that the officer shot the dog, Suarez said.

“The officer actually did retreat and the dog kept coming,” he said. “It was clear the dog was being aggressive toward the officer. From what I saw the dog was aggressive and the officer had every right to defend his own safety.”

Animal control officers were called out and took the dog into custody. The dog was still alive when Seguin Animal Services arrived. The dog was taken to a New Braunfels emergency clinic. It was treated and then transported to Seguin Animal Services where it was described as “active” on Tuesday morning.

The owner of the dog was arrested for criminal trespass and assault on a police officer for allegedly letting the dog loose, Suarez said.

The incident is under investigation.

via Dog shot after it tried to attack police officer at Walmart – Seguin Gazette: Alert.


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