Dog Attacks Boy, 5, After ‘Rough Housing’ With Its Owner Across The Street

A dog attacked a boy in North Idaho on Friday while he played in the front yard of his aunt’s home. reports that Hallah, 5, was attacked in Desmet. The boy’s father, Vince Peone, learned of the attack when his daughters called to tell him around 6:30 pm.

Peone says:

“The dog did a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Nobody even heard it.”

Family members say that the dog owner was “rough housing” with the animal across the street when it suddenly charged at, and attacked the boy. Peone’s niece ran outside and saw the dog owner lying over the boy’s body.

Peone says:

“She was in shock because his whole body was covered in blood… actually put his body over my son and I believe saved my son’s life.”

During the dog attack, the 5-year-old had half of his right ear torn off and suffered “grotesque” head wounds. Hallah was sent to Kootenai Health and released on Sunday.

Peone expects that his son will suffer some psychological trauma after enduring this frightening event.

“He’s never going to forget. He’s going to suffer psychological reminders every day when he looks in the mirror.”

Hallah’s father wants other parents to be away that their own large dogs can do the same damage. He didn’t single out any particular breed of dog.

“All the big breed dogs can do this kind of damage and it can kill children,” Peone says.

Peone isn’t holding any grudges against the dog owner whatsoever and isn’t upset. He’s just relieved that his son didn’t sustain worse injuries — or get killed.

“We don’t understand why it happened, but we’re just very blessed that our child is still with us,” the grateful father adds.

Family members say that the dog was euthanized soon after the attack. According to the report, members of the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Police reveal that the dog’s owner wasn’t arrested, but could face charges.

In a separate report from Michigan Live, another dog attack occurred; this time on Sunday afternoon to an 11-year-old boy in Grand Rapids. His injuries were non-life threatening and only required stitches on the lacerations he got on his arms.

Apparently the boy was walking down a street when a tied up dog broke loose of its chain.

The breed of dog in this attack is also described as a pit bull.

via Dog Attacks Boy, 5, After ‘Rough Housing’ With Its Owner Across The Street.


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