Pit Bulls Viciously Maul, Disfigure Man Who Saves Child From Attack

Glenn Boulet, 61, nearly died on July 14, 2014, when two Pit Bulls savagely mauled him near his home at  318 South Ninth Street, Muskogee, Oklahoma, leaving him in critical condition.

The vicious, unprovoked attack occurred at 7:03 p.m. that Monday, according to the police report.

Mr. Boulet has now been released from St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa to continue recovering at home after two surgeries. He is expected to have more facial reconstructive work, his family told KTUL.

Boulet told a KTUL reporter that just before the attack he saw his neighbor’s Pit Bull jump a fence, apparently to attack a little boy, so he ran over to try to stop the dog.

After he told the child to run up on the porch, the first Pit Bull and then another attacked him.

When he fell to the ground, the bigger dog clamped onto his face with its  jaws and teeth, he told KTUL. One of the men who came to his rescue stated, “You could see his sinus cavities, his teeth, and his ear was gone.”

The struggle lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, Boulet told KTUL.  He said he tried to reach his knife, but the dogs continued to bite him.

Cpl. Michael Mahan, spokesman for the Muskogee Police Department, told the Mulkogee Phoenix the attack was so vicious that Boulet probably would have died  if it weren’t for two men.

Thomas Harper and Allen O’Laughlin, heard Boulet’s screams and the dogs, he told the Mulkogee Phoenix.

The two men used baseball bats to try to separate the dogs from Boulet,  but could not get them to release.

“They didn’t try to attack us. They were locked on this guy,” Harper said. “We had to use a gun to get them to go away.”

An Animal Control officer killed one of the dogs on scene, and the other dog, who had received gunshot wounds from O’Laughlin, was found 13 blocks away, according to DangerousDogNews.com.

Both dogs died and were tested for rabies, Cpl. Mahan said.

Boulet’’s injuries were so severe, he spent a month in a hospital. “He had to have surgery to put the food pump into his stomach because he couldn’t eat or drink with his mouth,” said Debra Boulet.

Mr. Boulet still has scars on his legs, arms stomach and face, according to KTUL.  He said he will need plastic surgery to repair his facial wounds.

But, Glenn Boulet does not speak with regret, instead he expressed his gratitude that the child who was the apparent target of the Pit Bulls was saved from harm.

“Lord knows what happened and he blessed me for saving that kid’s life…” Boulet told KTUL.

According to the Muskogee County District Attorney’s Office, they have the case, but as of right now there are no charges filed.

via Pit Bulls Viciously Maul, Disfigure Man Who Saves Child From Attack.


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