Scars of attack remain etched on child – The Hindu

Two-and-half year old Mohammed Imad cries loudly whenever he hears the sound of a dog bark and the family members have to hurry up to chase the dogs away.

Several days after the child was discharged from hospital after treatment for wounds he sustained when a pack of dogs attacked him, he remains very scared of the dogs, says Imad’s mother Badrunnissa.

The scars of being reportedly mauled by a pack group of dogs a fortnight ago are still seen on the young Imad. “He creates tantrums in the night while sleeping. He still has pain,” confides Ms. Badrunissa. The boy underwent treatment at a private hospital for 10 days. The child had been taken to hospital on Thursday for the fourth anti-rabies injection.

While walking the child outside the house holding his hand, the child’s grandfather, Ummar recalls the unforgettable incident on August 7 morning just outside their house in Mohiuddin Nagar in Kudroli. “His screams made us rush out of the house only to the see the dogs pulling the child. Fortunately child faced the ground,” he says. Bite marks are seen all along from on the left side of the body from the chest to knees. Though most wounds have completely healed, there is still a two-inch-long wound on the lower abdomen. There are sutures on small injury marks found in the armpit and along the left leg from the thigh to the knee.

Ms. Badrunissa says she takes care not to touch the injury marks while carrying her child on her shoulder. “It is also difficult to prevent him scratching the wound,” she said. While bathing, Badrunissa says she ensures that soap is applied in a mild way. “He resists, but I somehow manage,” she says.

Though doctors have asked her to feed normal food, she has been giving the child rice gruel. “We fear infection from any other food in these 90 days,” she says. Imad is the youngest of the three children of Badrunissa.

For the 10-day treatment in the hospital, the family incurred Rs. 62,000. Mr. Imtiyaz, who works in Fishing Harbour, says he had to pledge some ornaments and clear the bill.

Application claiming reimbursement of treatment charges from the Mangalore City Corporation has been submitted to the councillor and hopes that the corporation which has offered to bear half the cost of treatment, would keep its promise.

via Scars of attack remain etched on child – The Hindu.


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