Dog up for adoption after biting two people | KRQE News 13

Stitch, a dog police say bit a little girl and her father, is now up for adoption even after that bite sent Hank Caruth to the hospital and Stitch to the pound.

While the family is on board for Stitch to find a new home, some are worried about what the new owners may never know.

“It was scary,” Lisa Stone said. “It really was.”

Stone relives the day Stitch, the family’s inherited Bull Mastiff mix, seemingly snapped.

“I was watching my dad get attacked and I was crying because I was scared,” Stone’s daughter said.

“It’s just a side that we never expected from him,” Stone said.

The attack on Caruth happened after Stitch first attacked their 8-year-old daughter at their Northeast Heights home earlier this month.

“I felt really bad for Stitch because he was a good dog,” Stone said.

He was hauled off to Animal Welfare. Stone’s husband, Caruth, was badly bitten in the groin and is still recovering.

“There were a lot of people here cleaning and I think the dog just got nervous because it wasn’t used to all the commotion,” Stone said of the attack.

Surfing the Animal Welfare’s website, Stitch is now listed and up for adoption.

“I think he would be an excellent dog for maybe an older couple,” Stone said.

KRQE News 13 did receive a few calls from people concerned at the idea. City officials said they look at each animal on an individual basis and do an “intense interview” with potential adopters.

Stitch’s profile doesn’t say right out that he recently bit two people and left one badly injured. Officials said any animal that does go up for adoption with a violent past, that the past isn’t hidden, saying anyone interested will get a full disclosure.

“Would you walk up to a gate with a big dog and it says recently bit? You wouldn’t give that dog a chance,” Stone said.

KRQE News 13 stopped by a local dog park to get some opinions on the matter.

“I feel like, personally, if I’m adopting a dog, I’d like to know its history,” Kevin Broesder said. “If it has a violent history, time over time over time, that’s a little different.”

The city says that process does involve a meet-and-greet.

“Get to know the dog because some dogs are just different,” said dog owner Autumn Todisco.

Stone hopes Stitch will get a second chance in a quieter home.

“He doesn’t deserve to die for that,” she said.

On the city’s website, Stitch is listed as a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but again, his owners say he is a Bull Mastiff mix. Stone and her husband say they received Stitch after a family member passed away.

Stone’s husband is still out of work, but hopes to be back soon. Her daughter, who was bit on the face, has a small scar but didn’t need stitches.

via Dog up for adoption after biting two people | KRQE News 13.


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