Attacking pit bull shot, killed in Okeechobee

A man’s quick thinking and shooting ability saved his neighbor from a possible attack by two aggressive pit bulls, indicated a deputy’s report.

Deputy Mark Margerum, of the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), stated in his report that Roy Lee Sperry heard some dogs fighting shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 24. When he stepped out of his N.W. 30th Street home, he saw five dogs fighting in his neighbor’s yard.

According to the report Mr. Sperry saw three pit bull dogs and another dog of an unknown breed attacking another pit bull. The four animals had the fifth dog on the ground and were mauling it.

About that time Mr. Sperry’s neighbors, Pete and Susanne Clemons, arrived home. By this time Mr. Sperry was armed with a .22 caliber rifle.

As Mr. Clemons stood by his vehicle two of the more aggressive pit bulls turned their attention toward him. As a grey pit bull started to lunge at Mr. Clemons, Mr. Sperry took aim and killed the animal with one shot.

By this time the second pit bull charged Mr. Clemons. Again, Mr. Sperry took careful aim and shot the dog. Although he did not kill the animal, it ran away. The other dogs ran away, too.

Mr. Sperry reportedly told the deputy he shot the dogs because he feared what they would have done to his neighbors, and also because his young child was outside at the time.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Clemons reportedly told Deputy Margerum they have had problems with the dogs, which apparently belong to Reynaldo and Rosetta Martinez who live in the area.

Mr. Sperry apparently told the deputy this was not the first time the dogs have been aggressive and have been on the loose.

When the deputy told the couple what happened, they understood why Mr. Sperry was forced to shoot the dogs. The dogs, they told the deputy, were all in a pen together when they somehow managed to escape their confines.

Mr. Martinez buried the dead dog, while the rest of the animals were turned over to Okeechobee County Animal Control. Deputy Margerum said the wounded dog was also turned over to animal control, even though it wasn’t expected to survive.

“It was explained to everyone involved that Roy was within his legal right to shoot the dogs to stop any threat to people,” stated the deputy.

via Attacking pit bull shot, killed in Okeechobee.

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