Dog sitter, woman attacked by dog inside the Trellises Apartments in Florence, Kentucky – Story

“I need help, please! … It just attacked us – I don’t know what happened!”

Those were the desperate pleas of a Northern Kentucky woman who had called 911 early Thursday morning to report that a dog she and her boyfriend were watching had attacked them inside their Florence apartment.

It was just after 5 a.m. when the man, called “Ben” during the 911 call, reached his arm down to grab the pit bull/Labrador mix’s leash so he could take it for a walk. That’s when the dog snapped and attacked him, biting his forearm.

“Ben woke up to let the dog out and (the dog) freaked out,” the woman explained to the dispatcher during the 15-minute call.

He was then bitten several additional times on his hands, arms and ankle before being able to get away and make his way into the kitchen of the apartment at 970 Trellises Dr.

The woman who placed the call says she woke up during the commotion caused by the attack. She said she tried to help the man but the “90 pound” dog went after her, she told the dispatcher.

“Ben was screaming please stop, please stop… I tried to get the dog off of him, (the dog) was clenched onto (Ben’s) arm, and that’s when he attacked me,” she said as the dogs barking in the background drowns out her voice.

“I’m worried about Ben, he’s bleeding bad, he’s bleeding bad.”

When they arrived on scene, responding officers said they could hear the couple inside the home yelling for assistance. They had barricaded themselves in different parts of the apartment to protect themselves from the animal.

“The male advised the officers that he was in the kitchen and that the female was locked in a bedroom,” according to a press release from the Florence Police Department. “The dog, a pit bull/Labrador mix, was partially contained in a hallway by a baby gate.”

Officers used food to coax the dog into the hallway so they could secure it. Boone County Animal Control took custody of the animal.

The victims received treatment at St. Elizabeth Florence. Details on the severity of the injuries weren’t released.

Investigators said the man was watching his father’s dog.

During the 911 call, the woman on the phone said she doesn’t think the dog has ever bitten someone before. She also said the dog has never been aggressive toward her.

The Florence Police Department and Boone County Animal Control are continuing to investigate the incident.

Anyone with information should call the Florence Police Department at (859) 647-5420.

via Dog sitter, woman attacked by dog inside the Trellises Apartments in Florence, Kentucky – Story.

One thought on “Dog sitter, woman attacked by dog inside the Trellises Apartments in Florence, Kentucky – Story”

  1. “In testimony last week, veterinarian Dr. Sherry Wallace said Quagliata and Lucaj were warned weeks before the fatal attack their dogs were dangerous and should be seen by an animal behaviorist.”

    i am sick of people trying to FIX dangerous dogs.


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