Pit bull attacks grandmother, threatens 10-year-old – Waxahachie Daily Light: Ellis County

A grandmother was transported to Baylor Medical Center of Waxahachie after she was attacked by a pit bull Wednesday. The attack took place in the 300 block of Mustang Road at about 1 p.m.

Lt. James Saulter, with the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, said the grandmother and her 10 year-old grandson were inside the residence when the grandmother heard fighting between two dogs coming from the family room. Both dogs were family pets.

“She just entered the room and the pit bull took his attention off of the other dog, focused on her and attacked her,” Saulter said. “The dog bit her on the left side of her face. It required stitches, from what I was told by the paramedics at the time. How many? I don’t know. She was able to get the dog some how off of her.”

Saulter said when deputies arrived on scene, the grandson was locked in his room and the dog was trying to get into the room. Deputies removed the screen and opened the bedroom window. They were able to take the child out through the window to safety. Animal control officers and deputies then entered the residence and found the pit bull still acting aggressive.

“Initially they were go in and catch the dog and were not going to try taser him. They were going to help the Animal Control to get him on that catch pole. But he got aggressive and was charging them, growling and barking,” Saulter said. “They could not get him on the catch pole and they tried several times. So they, eventually, had to taser him to get him on the catch pole.”

Saulter said the pit bull was taken to the Ellis County SPCA and placed on a 10-day quarantine. The quarantine will help to determine if the dog has rabies and allow deputies to checkout shot records the owner might have. It will also provide some time to determine what might ultimately be wrong with the dog. The second dog involved in the fight was not taken to the SPCA.

“From what my deputies are telling me (after) speaking to other family members that have arrived there, was this is not a normal for this type of dog,” Saulter said. “This dog is normally a family pet.”

Saulter said he did not have an update for the current condition of the grandmother, but from the information he received, her injures were minor and would require stitches. No injuries were reported from deputies, animal control officers and the grandson. Deputies cleared the scene at about 1:45 p.m.

via Pit bull attacks grandmother, threatens 10-year-old – Waxahachie Daily Light: Ellis County.

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