Family dog dead after brutal attack – inMyCommunity – Perth, Western Australia

A 17-YEAR-OLD pet dog had to be put down after it was brutally attacked on a quiet East Cannington neighbourhood street – and its owners are worried it will happen again.

Jack Russell cross kelpie Mikey had been 28-year-old Susann Gidion’s best friend since he was eight-weeks-old.

She described him as a complete terror, a pet who loved chasing cats, and in the prime of his life had been on boats, gone fishing and tried to bite a dolphin.

On Wednesday, August 27 at 3.30pm, Ms Gidion’s father, 70-year-old Siegfried Gidion, was walking Mikey along Dahlia Street as he did everyday.

A bullmastiff-boxer cross came out of nowhere and attacked Mikey from behind.

Ms Gidion said Mikey was bitten on his right side and when she rushed to find him, he was covered in his own urine, faeces and blood.

“Dad and Mikey were daydreaming away trying to get to the park at the end of Glamorgan Street and it came out of nowhere for them,” she said.

“There was a struggle that went on for a while. I believe my dad ended up on his back kicking and punching. Neighbours came out of their houses after hearing Mikey and my dad screaming.

“They all punched and kicked trying to get the animal off.”

Mikey was rushed to Cannington Vet Hospital, where the extent of his injuries was revealed.

“I removed my arm and saw all the blood,” Ms Gidion said.

“We flipped him over and saw all the damage; broken ribs, puncture marks in his head.

“We couldn’t assess what nerve damage there was on his neck and basically they said his biggest problem was shock.”

Mikey was stabilised and taken home overnight.

Injuries too severe

“He wasn’t moving, just resting,” Ms Gidion said. “Dad sat with him and held his paw the whole night so they could feel each other’s heartbeat and share each other’s warmth.”

When Mikey was taken back to the vet the next morning, the decision was made to put him to sleep because his injuries were too extensive.

Mr Gidion had a sprained wrist, cuts to his knee and his right foot was injured  from trying to kick the other dog.

It is believed Mikey’s attacker escaped from his yard after a worker left the gate open.

Ms Gidion said it was not the first attack she had heard about and was worried next time it might be a child mauled to death.

“We’re a community,” she said.

“We all walk up to the park at the end of the road. There are attacks out there. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last. If we’re aware, we can act as a community.”

Attacks not uncommon

Over the past three years, the City of Canning has received between 80 and 90 reports of dog attacks each year.

Canning Commissioner Linton Reynolds said the number had remained static but it was up to owners to adequately train and socialise dogs, irrespective of the breed.

“It should be noted that under the Act, a dog does not need to make physical contact with a person or animal (ie, a dog ‘chasing’ can be classed as an attack), so not all reported attacks involve injuries,” Mr Reynolds said.

“The City proactively promotes responsible pet ownership and enforces the provisions of the Dog Act as required.

“The City issues infringement notices or initiates court prosecutions against the owners of dogs involved in attacks or associated offences.”

City of Canning rangers were investigating the incident but would not provide information on the whereabouts or future of the dog that attacked Mikey.

via Family dog dead after brutal attack – inMyCommunity – Perth, Western Australia.


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