Portland Streetcar dog attack: ‘She’s never done this before’ girl with pit bull told police | OregonLive.com

Portland Streetcar dog attack: 'She's never done this before' girl with pit bull told police | OregonLive.com

A police report obtained by The Oregonian on Friday provides new details on the Wednesday evening dog attack on a Portland Streetcar that left a Pomeranian dead.

The report on the attack at Northwest 13th Avenue and Lovejoy Street documents a series of events similar to the initial report of the mauling.

What police said happened:

Immediately after a 16-year-old girl and her pit bull Perrdy boarded the streetcar, the dog lunged at a black Pomeranian named Lady that was already on board, the report reads. The pit bull then clasped its mouth over the Pomeranian’s head and passengers yelled.

Witnesses told police other riders tried to intervene, including Joe Garside, who tried to break the pit bull’s grip but was bitten on the left hand, the report said.

When the attack ended, the Pomeranian’s owner grabbed her dog and rushed out of the streetcar to go to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. One witness said she recognized the Pomeranian owner and said Lady was a service dog.

Streetcar dog attack

Cole Vliet-Sutten talks about how he saw a pit bull attack a Pomeranian on the Portland Streetcar in the Pearl District.

The pit bull and the girl also left the scene.

When the 16-year-old was stopped by police at Northwest 13th Avenue and Northwest Marshall Street, she was crying and told an officer that the dog “has never done this before,” the report said.

Police took the pit bull into custody and arranged a pickup with animal control.

The Pomeranian was pronounced dead at the animal hospital.

Status of the pit bull

Multnomah County Animal Services contacted the pit bull’s owner in Longmont, Colo., after detecting a microchip in the dog. The dog’s owner reported the missing pit bull in June. It is not known how the dog got to Portland.

The dog, a female, will stay at the shelter until an investigation determines its fate. This could include requiring the dog to wear a muzzle. It is unlikely the dog will be euthanized, Multnomah County Animal Services Director Mike Oswald said.

Rules about animals on streetcars

Portland streetcar rules (which mirror TriMet rules) assert that service dogs that are considered guide dogs and companion animals must be on a leash and “remain under your control and behave appropriately.”

Portland Streetcar code says pets that are not service animals, must be “kept and held at all times within a secure container appropriate and constructed for carrying the size and type of animal.”

Dylan Rivera, a spokesman for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, said the girl could face a fine of $175 if she violated the streetcar rules regarding animals. She could also be banned from using the streetcar up to 180 days.

via Portland Streetcar dog attack: ‘She’s never done this before’ girl with pit bull told police | OregonLive.com.


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