Family pet needed 32 stitches after being attacked by mastiff in street – London – News – London Evening Standard

A dog owner has been left “appalled” after his miniature schnauzer was ferociously attacked by a mastiff-type dog while out walking.

Nick Llewellyn, 65, from Earl’s Court, was walking seven-year-old Ted near Lord Hills Road near Maida Vale when a large caramel-brown dog, apparently a pit bull-mastiff cross, launched a savage attack.

“I heard screams from the other side of a bush so I went over to see what was happening.

“That was when I saw my little dog in the mouth of a dog triple his size,” said Mr Llewellyn.

He described the owner of the dog as a teenage boy, who tried to intervene but was unable to control the animal. The dog was on the lead and the owner was trying to stop the attack but the dog was not listening,” he said. “Luckily I was able to free Ted from the dog’s jaws. I only suffered cuts and bruises myself.

“My builder Qamil Dasha was heroic as he wrestled with the other dog. We managed to get Ted to the vet in time to save his life.” The schnauzer suffered from severe puncture wounds to his neck and required two operations and 32 stitches. The cost of the surgery amounted to more than £1,000.

The family pet is now in a stable condition and has “bounced back to life”.


“I have seen these youths with their dogs in the park before,” Mr Llewellyn said, adding: “I just fear that if nothing is done, what else may happen.

“There are two primary schools near the park and I’m concerned that the dog may attack a child next.

“Ted was very lucky to survive but what if the next victim isn’t. It is an accident waiting to happen.”

Pit bull terriers are banned in Britain but mastiffs are legal, although there have been calls to outlaw the breed. They can weigh up to 10 stone.

Mastiffs and mastiff crossbreeds have been blamed for a recent spate of attacks. In October 2012, 71-year-old grandmother Gloria Knowles was killed after being attacked by her daughter’s dogs, which included two French mastiffs, an American bulldog and a Alapaha blue blood bulldog, in Morden.

Police say they are investigating the attack on the schnauzer, which happened at 11.30am on September 10, and are now hunting the pit bull- mastiff’s owner.

A spokesman said: “Police are investigating an incident where a dog owner, or person in charge of a dog, allowed their dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place.

“The suspect’s dog is described as a sandy coloured mastiff/terrier type dog. Its owner or handler is described as a teenager, around 6ft tall with short light brown hair.”

via Family pet needed 32 stitches after being attacked by mastiff in street – London – News – London Evening Standard.


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