Rottweiler attacks young girl on her way to Bransholme primary school | Hull Daily Mail

A YOUNG girl was attacked by a Rottweiler as she walked to school in Bransholme.

The attack, which took place on Monday morning just outside St James’ Primary School, was witnessed by a woman, whose nine-year-old son attends the Dorchester Road school.

The concerned woman, who has asked not to be named, contacted the Mail over claims both the police and council’s dog warden were informed of what had happened, but did not act quickly enough.

The woman said: “I was taking my little boy to breakfast club, it was around 8.10am, when I noticed a loose Rottweiler.

“At this time there was only us, another woman, two lads and the little girl around.

“My little boy is quite scared of dogs, so he grabbed my hand tighter.

“I saw the dog leap up at the little girl and put his paws on her shoulders.

“She didn’t seem to mind at first, but then the dog started getting too friendly and then all of a sudden it had pinned her to the floor.”

The young girl started to scream for help, but somehow managed to free herself from the dog.

Both the police and dog warden were called.

“The police said they wouldn’t attend and we were also told the dog warden didn’t start work until 9am,” the mother said.

“This whole thing could have been so much worse.

“If one of the children was, god forbid, bitten or savaged, what would have happened?

“There is no way, without knowing the personality of the dog, you could approach it. I want to know why either the police or the dog warden didn’t attend straight away.”

The school’s caretaker managed to isolate the dog and get a rope around it.

Another parent is believed to have taken the animal to a dogs’ home.

The Mail contacted Humberside Police regarding the incident and was told they had no log of the call.

A force spokesman said if the situation had passed, the dog was under control and there was no immediate threat, then it would be the responsibility of the council’s dog warden to deal with the animal.

Hull City Council say the dog had already been removed from the school premises before they were made aware of what had happened.

Principal environmental health officer Emma Tindall said: “Any reports of stray dogs are dealt with appropriately, and as soon as we were made aware of this case we contacted the school and found that the dog had already been removed from the school premises.”

via Rottweiler attacks young girl on her way to Bransholme primary school | Hull Daily Mail.


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