Ten stone dog mauls a mum and daughter – Milton Keynes Citizen

City cops have been blasted for turning up more than TWO HOURS after reports of a mum and daughter being attacked by a savage dog.

Neighbours were forced to wrestle with the mammoth ten-stone bullmastiff to save the pair from being mauled to death.

“One man managed to get the dog in a crocodile hold while it was pinning the mother and daughter to the ground and biting them,” said one helper.

“The injuries it caused were terrible and the street was like a bloodbath.

“All the time we were dialling the police – there were 11 of us all calling to say it was an emergency.

But no officers arrived until much later. When we asked why they were so late they said:’We couldn’t put ourselves at risk’, claimed the helper.

“We were furious. We thought police were meant to help people in danger, yet they were more worried about themselves.””

Paramedics had arrived promptly and rushed the mum and 16-year-old daughter to hospital.

It is understood both are now undergoing plastic surgery at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

“The paramedics said if the attack had gone on for another couple of minutes the pair of them could have died. As it was they were bitten down to the bone,” said a neighbour.

He and fellow neighbours in Bridgeway, New Bradwell, rushed outside to help as soon as the drama began at 8.30am on Tuesday.

The dog was running loose without a collar and pounced 0n the mum and daughter just as they were leaving their home.

Neighbours eventually managed to get the dog tethered to a lamppost, where it growled when anybody went near.

Residents say police officers turned up after 11am, but Thames Valley force bosses say it was 10.40am.

“It took far too long –it was disgraceful,” said a neighbour.

A police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police were called at 8.47am to a report that a dog had bitten a woman and a girl in Bridgeway. At 8.50am, TVP’s control room was informed that the dog was on a lead and contained.

“Police arrived at 10.40am to take statements from various witnesses.

“The dog was seized and will be assessed by a Thames Valley Police specialist dangerous dog expert.

The spokesman said the incident was now being investigated under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

via Ten stone dog mauls a mum and daughter – Milton Keynes Citizen.


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