Owner gives up dog involved in attack on Portland Streetcar – KPTV – FOX 12

The owner of a dog that killed a smaller dog on the Portland Streetcar has relinquished ownership of the animal.

Police and animal control officers responded to reports of a dog attack in the area of Northwest 13th and Lovejoy on Sept. 24.

Investigators said a pit bull and a Pomeranian were involved in the incident. The Pomeranian sustained serious injuries and died at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

The pit bull was taken into custody by Multnomah County Animal Services.

The county has classified the dog as “potentially dangerous.” That means the owner would have to follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of people and animals who come near it.

However, a microchip determined the dog’s owners are in Colorado and had reported their pet missing in June. Initially, they wanted their dog back, but animal control workers said after discussing the details of the case, they chose to give up the dog.

The pit bull will remain at the county’s shelter in Troutdale for the time being. County workers will do an evaluation of the dog, factoring in its previous and current behavior, then decide whether it can be adopted or placed in a pit bull rescue program.

The 16-year-old who brought the dog on the Portland Streetcar has been issued a 90-day ban from using public transit by the city of Portland and the Portland Streetcar, the agency said this week.

A Portland Streetcar release states the reason for the exclusion order is because the teen violated a city code on harassment and intimidation that states, “While at a Portland Streetcar station, on a vehicle or on any streetcar property, no person shall engage in a course of conduct … that may reasonably be expected to result in fear, alarm or serious offense to other persons.”

Police did not issue any citations in the case.

Investigators also didn’t reveal how the teen came to have a dog missing from Colorado.

Animals are not allowed on the streetcar unless they are service animals or being transported in an appropriate container.

via Owner gives up dog involved in attack on Portland Streetcar – KPTV – FOX 12.


One thought on “Owner gives up dog involved in attack on Portland Streetcar – KPTV – FOX 12”

  1. The owner of this dog should be charged with a felony. We need to vote for much stiffer laws and penalties for anyone who owns a vicious dogs because the dog is what the owner made him into! Legally, in every state, dogs must be permitted to be owned only by people who want to love them and make them a devoted family member! That having been said, Pit Bull owners need to begin training and socializing their dog from the time they are young puppies; and leash the dog B/4 opening the door. Get help from a dog behaviorist if you’re having problems training the dog yourself.


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