Pit bull owner jailed after girl savaged in Devon | Exeter Express and Echo

A dog owner whose pet savaged a 14-year-old girl has been jailed after breaking the conditions of a suspended sentence.

Jenny Linden was ordered to receive drug treatment after she admitted failing to control her pit bull Gnasher, which escaped from her garden and attacked a girl in a playground.

Linden, aged 32, received a suspended sentence at Exeter Crown Court in March but has now been sent to prison after failing to comply with its conditions.

She asked to be locked up because she believes it is the only way she will be able to overcome her drug problem after dropping out of a community based rehabilitation programme.

Linden, of Staddon Gardens, Torquay, admitted owning a dangerous dog, having a fighting dog in a public place without a muzzle or lead, shoplifting, threatening behaviour, and handling.

She received a 25 week suspended sentence in March on condition she worked with the probation service and undertook drug rehabilitation. Her dog Gnasher was destroyed.

Judge Graham Cottle activated the sentence and jailed her for 25 weeks at Exeter Crown Court after hearing she missed three appointments and failed to answer a court summons.

Mr Ian Graham, prosecuting, said Linden had worked well with the probation service initially but lost contact after a few weeks, despite being offered a place on a residential rehabilitation course.

He said the original offences involved her ownership of the dangerous dog, shoplifting, and threatening store staff who tried to stop her.

Mr David Evans, defending, said:”Given her circumstances and drug use, she would welcome custody, so I do not argue against the activation of the suspended sentence. She believes custody will give her the best chance of dealing with her drug problem.”

Judge Cottle told her:”Your initial response to the suspended sentence was encouraging, but it was short lived and you lapsed back into drug use.

“You do not oppose the activation of the sentence. On the contrary, you rather welcome the prospect of going into custody so you can address your drug problem.”

In the original case Judge Jeremy Griggs ordered Gnasher to be put down after hearing how it ripped open the face of 14-year-old Jodie O’Driscoll as she played in a park near Linden’s home in June last year.

She needed stitches to her lip and arm after being savaged by the pit-bull, which had escaped from Linden’s garden. The animal should not have been allowed out at all without wearing a muzzle.

via Pit bull owner jailed after girl savaged in Devon | Exeter Express and Echo.

One thought on “Pit bull owner jailed after girl savaged in Devon | Exeter Express and Echo”

  1. This dog was most likely a trained attack dog, and/or used in a dog fighting ring where the dogs are brutalized to turn them vicious. That having been said, Pit Bull owners need to begin training and socializing their dog from the time they are young puppies; and leash the dog B/4 opening the door. Get help from a dog behaviorist if you’re having problems training the dog yourself.


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